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Global Media Network is mainly concerned about offering you an excellent quality, personalised service. In order to do so we collect data that concerns you, in a general way. We are committed to respecting your privacy, but we are aware that you may ask yourself how your personal data is protected. The reason we are publishing this statement is to inform you about how we operate.

Collection and use of personal data
Personal data is data that allows you to be identified. Your personal data is used to enable us to establish how to provide a better service to registered users and to improve the content, navigation and localisation aspects of the site.
We are committed to: Legally collecting this data, Only collecting data that is necessary to achieve previously specified purposes (e.g. creation of a user account, etc.), Using this data only when necessary.

Transmission of personal data to third parties
Your personal data is intended for Global Media Network and is not to be transmitted to third parties other than a Global Media Network entity.

Use of cookies
A cookie is a character string emitted by a Web server for the attention of a browser, the latter re-emits this when a request is made to the site. The cookie enables the site to recognise the browsers of users who have already consulted the site; it does not in itself represent personal data.
We use cookies to measure usage of various pages on our website and to help us make our information more pertinent to your needs and easy for you to access; we also use cookies to recognize registered users and to grant them easy access to full factsheets and full news. Although this information is free of charge and available to any registered user, we reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to deny access in case of abuse.

Use of IP addresses
An IP address is a code attributed to computers connected to the Internet, which use the TCP/IP protocol. It works in the same way as a phone number and it enables computers to be distinguished from one another. In the same way as cookies, it is not personal data.
We do not collect IP addresses on our web site.

Protection of data transmission and storage
In order to ensure maximum security for your data, we take appropriate technical and organisational measures. Moreover, we try continually to improve our data protection systems.

Data access and modification

You can access and modify your personal data on our web site at any time. If you want to remove your data, please contact us at the following address: info(at)gmnindia.com

Modification of this statement
We reserve the right to modify or update this statement at any time and without notice.
Accordingly, we encourage you to read it regularly.
Last modified: 01.12.2011

If you have any questions about this statement, please contact: info(at)gmnindia.com